Spruce Golf Course

18-Hole Championship Golf | 3 Sets of Tees

Evergreen Resort is the perfect escape for golfers in northern Michigan. From the moment you set foot on our award-winning courses – totaling 27 holes in all – you’ll see why our property was voted one of the “best places to play” by Golf Digest.

Our 18-hole Spruce Golf Course is one of the most beautiful and challenging courses in Michigan. Located on a hillside overlooking Lake Cadillac, the course winds through scenic pine forests and gentle hills. Its classic design, featuring rolling fairways and small greens with lots of slope from front to back, can be enjoyed by players of all experience levels.

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Spruce Course Par

Spruce Course Yardage

Spruce Course Ratings

Back Tees: 71.5/130
Middle Tees: 68.8/126
Forward Tees: 68.0/120

Courtesy Reminders

  • No Outside Purchased Alcoholic Beverages Allowed.
  • Sprinklers marked with yardage to center of green.
  • Red stakes represent 100 yards to center of the green.
  • White stakes represent 150 years to center of the green.
  • Blue stakes represent 200 yards to center of the green
  • Please use cart paths and observe the 90 degree rule as much as possible.

Course Tips from Phil, Evergreen Pro

Phil outlines a brief tip for each hole on Evergreen’s flagship course, The Spruce.

  1. Straight away par 4, Play left of the bunkers on your tee shot, will leave a mid-iron in.
  2. Dog leg left, play up the right side of the fairway. Will leave a short iron in for your second shot.
  3. Nice par 3 use one extra club, false front. Do not go by the pin straight downhill putt.
  4. Dog leg left, stay to the right of the tree in the fairway.
  5. Signature hole, par 3 downhill over water, use 1 less club.
  6. Blind tee shot, play at the radio towers straight ahead.
  7. Straight downhill par 4, just stay to the left of the fairway bunkers.
  8. Big dog leg left par 5, play right to left of the tee, keep it in the fairway and it give you a chance to go for it in two.
  9. Straight away par 4, don’t leave your second shot above the hole.
  10. Make sure to hit the fairway on this hole, tree lined both sides.
  11. Hug the left side of the fairway, will leave short iron in.
  12. Nice long hole, into the wind usually. Going right or left will put you behind trees.
  13. Great par 3 into the wind, 2 tier putting service, if the pin is on the upper service, use an extra club.
  14. Water everywhere on this dog leg left par 4 very log, hit your tee shot straight, do not try to hit it over the water on the left.
  15. Par 5 reachable in 2 with a nice tee shot, dog leg right over water, big bunker in front of the green, good place to miss your second shot.
  16. Long par 4 slight dog leg left, play your tee shot off the mounds on the right.
  17. Par 5 all up hill, your 3rd shot make sure you hit clean to get it up on the green.
  18. My favorite hole on the course par 3, the wind comes from your right, I have 8 – iron to a 4-iron here. Do not miss the green right, the big slope makes for a hard chip. If anything, miss it short.